The core business of Cellvax is in preclinical studies mainly in cancer and osteoarthritis fields, such as efficacy studies in animal models, toxicology studies, PK/PD biodistribution studies. Cellvax was created by a motivated and complementary team consisting of scientists and experts in these fields. By offering its know-how and its capacity of innovation, Cellvax is willing to collaborate with public and private laboratories. Cellvax’s expertise is based on its know-how in the field of molecule biology, cellular biology, and original in vitro and in vivo models. These services can be offered to all laboratories involving mainly in anti-cancer and anti-OA drug development process. These proposed services adapt to the validation and development of drug candidates and fully validated such as sub-cutaneous and orthotopic tumors models in animals; syngeneic tumor models, in vitro and in vivo angiogenesis models; an original “Nodule” system, in vivo imaging, bio-distribution, pharmacokinetics, toxicity, spontaneous and induced animal models for OA, etc. Cellvax is always ready to obey market evolution and to satisfy its customers’ specific needs all over the world. Cellvax is strongly willing to develop and enhance its national and international collaboration with public laboratories, biotechnological companies and pharmaceutical companies.

Since its foundation, Cellvax has achieved a remarkable record as a CRO, thanks to its expertise in different animal models. Cellvax has successfully collaborated with different European companies and academic laboratories (France, Germany, Belgium, UK, Israël, etc). Numerous contracts have been granted and successfully achieved.

Furthermore, Cellvax is actively involved in different European large collaborative projects. Cellvax has successfully launched its first EUREKA project in 2007 in cancer field. In 2011, Cellvax has successfully obtained a second FP-7 grant. In 2015, an “Eurostars” program for the treatment of triple negative Breast cancer, and two “EURONANOMED” projects in 2016 in cancer and OA fields, also a new “EURONANOMED” project in 2017. These large European collaborative projects not only allow for Cellvax to develop its R&D activity, but also allow increasing its visibility within European community, thus greatly beneficial for Cellvax’s development.