Main advantages

Cellvax’s project is founded by scientists and experts in field of oncology. Cellvax’s team is composed of people who have a strong professional complementary which gives a scientific, medical and industrial dimension of the company.

Our services are built on these advantages:


Complementary and experienced Founder team

Cellvax was founded in 2001 by a complementary and experienced team, including Ph.D. scientists, Medical doctor, Business angel specialized in pharmaceutical filed.

Partners in European collaborative projects

Cellvax was not only greatly supported by French governmental funding, but also actively involved in several large European collaborative projects, allowing developing its R&D activity and increasing its visibility in European countries.

Outstanding quality of Cellvax’s services

Cellvax is actively implanting the GLP (Good Laboratory Practice) process to ensure high quality of its preclinical studies. For our clients, the obtained data can be directly used for future clinical trials.

Wide range of animal models in oncology and osteoarthritis domains

With its more than 15 years of experiences, Cellvax dispose wide range of animal models for preclinical studies.


Accelerating development of innovative drug candidates

By using specific expertise in animal models, extensive experiences, high quality consulting, and optimal experimental design, significant time can be saved in the novel drug development process.


Interactive consulting

Cellvax propose the optimal experimental design, adapt the specific needs of each its client and give interpretation of the obtained results.

If you are interested in working together, please send us an inquiry and we will get back to you as soon as we can.