Management team

Dr. Mingxing WEI, Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Mingxing WEI has obtained his Ph.D. degree in molecular and cellular biology at University of Lyon I, France. He was also a Research Fellow for post-doctoral training at « Harvard Medical School » in Boston, USA and he developed a novel “suicide” gene therapy paradigm in animals. Thanks to these scientific findings, a US patent was filed at US Patent Office. Besides numerous published scientific articles, he obtained two research grants in USA. After coming back to France in 1995, Dr. Wei has joined two French biotech companies as a Project Manager. He got his HDR degree (the highest university degree in France) at University Paris XIII in 2000. Since 1998, he is also a Training Specialist Officer in animal experimentation in France. To complete his training program, he followed a Marketing & Finance training in Lille, France.

Mr. Olivier-Noël MARTIN, Co-founder

Mr. Olivier-Noël MARTIN was graduated from E.S.C.P. Europe (France) in 1969. He was a Chief Executive Officer at General Biscuit of America Inc (USA) in 1989. Mr. Martin was appointed in 1990 as Chief Executive Officer of Kaysersberg S.A. (France). He created in 1991 ITERFI and Laboratoires STERILYO (France) and then he sold it in 2002 to GLAXOSMITHKLINE (120 employees, Turnover : 12 M€, Net Income: 2.5 M€) . Mr. Martin  participated also as investor in 6 start-up “biotech” companies.

Dr. Christian SCHATZ, Co-founder

Dr. Christian SCHATZ has obtained in 1988 his Ph.D. degree in molecular biology  from University of Strasbourg (France). In 1997, he obtained his HDR degree (the highest university degree in France) at Louis Pasteur university of Strasbourg I (France). Dr. Schatz Obtained in 1998 a D.E.S.S. degree in management from University of Strasbourg I (France). In 1993, he was appointed as a medical director of Transigène company and then as a member of executive committee. In 1998, Dr. Schatz worked as a consultant in Eurogroup company and then he created CS CONSULTANTS, a consulting firm for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.

Dr. Philippe KOECHLIN, Co-founder

Dr. KOECHLIN has obtained in 1978 his medical doctor degree in orthopedic surgery from Saint-Antoine university of Paris (France). He worked as a Surgeon at the “CROIX-ROUGE” Les Peupliers Hospital in Paris (France) and also as a president of medical commitee since 1998. Dr KOECHLIN is also implicated in Cancer research and actively involved in Cellvax development and serves as a medical expert.

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