Cellvax, founded in 2001, is a preclinical CRO which provides in vitro and in vivo studies allowing accelerating drug development process mainly in the fields of oncology, osteoarthritis and toxicity PK / Biodistributions studies. Through a strategic partnership, Cellvax can also perform studies in large animal models.

By offering its know-how and its capacity of innovation, Cellvax is willing to collaborate with biotech companies, public laboratories and pharmaceutical societies. Also, all interested in working with Cellvax towards European grant funding applications.

Since July 2018, Cellvax has performed large GLP toxicology / Biodistribution studies. The studies were performed by Cellvax team and inspected in 2020 by French authority ANSM. The study was declared in conformity to GLP guidelines in June 2020. Consequently, the planned clinical trials of our client start as planned.


Cancer still remains a major public health problem in the world. Therefore, the development of new therapeutic strategies is highly awaited. Cellvax conducts preclinical studies.


Osteoarthritis affects large number of population including young adults. Several relevant animal models are available at Cellvax to validate novel treatments.

Toxicity PK / Biodistributions studies

A complete toxicity experiment can be proposed at Cellvax in both rodent and nonrodents. In order to understand the pharmacokinetics (PK) of your innovating drugs, we propose a bio-distribution and PK studies in animal models

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