Main advantages

Cellvax’s project is founded by scientists and experts in field of oncology. Cellvax’s team is composed of people who have a strong professional complementary which gives a scientific, medical and industrial dimension of the company.

Our services are built on these advantages:

* Present knowledge of Cellvax’s team

The new knowledge progress and the technological explosion in cellular and molecular biology and genomics have helped tumors molecular detailed analysis. Cellvax’s team totally controls these knowledge and the related technologies in this field. Our services allow to develop a therapeutic approach which is more suitable for each patient and each biological target.

* Our multidisciplinary expertise

Cellvax has a network of collaborations and is able to analyze tumoral and blood biopsies in molecular biology. This network is composed of chemists, molecular and cellular oncologists, immunologists, doctors, pharmacologists…
* Why contact us?

  • Expertise of our founder and operational teams;
  • Complementary and extensive biological tests;
  • Reactivity and efficiency of services;
  • Confidentiality and GLP procedures;
  • State of the art animal facility;
  • Access to a network of public and private laboratories;
  • Continuous improvement of our tests in order to be more competitive;
  • Our services allow to speed up the development of your drug candidates;
  • Our services allow to valorize drug potential in several pathologies;
  • Our services allow to decrease your cost of drug development.