Genopole®, Evry.

It is the largest French biotech incubator with strong expertise in company creation, company development, business development, market stuffy, etc. Their interactive services are very useful for the
development of Cellvax.  For more information about Genopole®.

BpiFrance (OSEO)

OSEO is French government organisation supporting the creation and development of innovating companies. OSEO is financial partner to support the rapid development of Cellvax. For more information about OSEO.

INSERM public research laboratory in Saint-Louis Hospital

INSERM is a French government medical research organization. Pr. Michel Crépin is a full Professor at University of Paris XIII and has research team at INSERM Unit 553, Saint-Louis Hospital, Paris. Their research activities are concentrated on animal tumor models, mechanism of metastatic formation, angiogenesis, etc. For more information about INSERM.

Thermo Fisher Scientific, the world leader in serving science

Logo thermo scientific

For more information about Thermo Fisher Scientific