Company profile

Cellvax, founded in 2001, is a fast-growing technology-driven pre-clinical service company focalizing on oncology. Today, Cellvax directly employs and through R&D collaborations motivated and differently skilled scientists and engineers, working in interdisciplinary teams on several innovative products.

Based on a technological platform and on our expertise in fields of molecular biology, cellular cultures in primo-culture and in established lines and original animal models, we are able to provide customized services for your laboratory. These services allow to speed up the development of drug candidates in the field of oncology by reducing cost of development.

We are able to test your drug candidates in an original anti-tumoral test: nodules in three dimensional (3D) cell culture which has the advantage of the in vivo cellular architecture and interactions. After this in vitro validation, we propose an original orthotopic tumor model in animals (lung cancer, colon cancer, pancreas cancer, prostate cancer, breast cancer…). This tumor model allows development of tumors comparable to human tumors with formation of metastasis in a few weeks.

Several other models are proposed as well concerning angiogenesis in vitro and in vivo, metastatic potential of your drug candidates for tumor cell dissemination in different organs at distance (intravasation and extravasation). All experimental procedures are conducted under strict confidentiality and with the respect of GLP (good laboratory practice) procedures.

Since its foundation, Cellvax has progressed a lot as a service company, especially in different cancer models in mice, angiogenesis models in vitro and in vivo. We have concluded numerous contracts with different companies in France, in Europe and in the world.

Because Cellvax is “growing up” and animal experiences are demanded more and more, Cellvax has moved to a new and modern animal facility in the south of Paris, Genopole®, Evry (France).

Cellvax is always ready to obey market evolution and to satisfy its customers’ specific needs all over the world. Cellvax is strongly willing to develop and enhance its national and international collaboration with public laboratories, biotechnological companies and pharmaceutical companies in cancer field.